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Ronaldo Nazario wants Messi to play football all his life

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In an interview with Marca Claro, Ronaldo Nazario came out to congratulate Messi for his birthday and wish that he plays football all his life.

Lionel Messi tends to get praise from many of the great players all the time, but getting it from a legend such as Ronaldo Nazario must be quite special for him.

The Brazil legend recently offered an interview to Marca Claro where he spoke about Messi’s birthday, he confessed what we are all thinking as time catches up to Leo.

Nobody wants him to retire, even Ronaldo Nazario dreads the day in which Messi decides to hang up his boots.

But that day is approaching, the man turned 32 years of age last Monday and he received an overwhelming number of messages.

There is a certain level of similarities that Ronaldo himself feels with Messi, he too was one of those players who made millions of people happy with his football.

Nazario lived during another great era of incredible players, but he was one of the brightest stars in a massive constellation.

The Brazilian also talked about the rivalry between his country and Argentina, as well as Lionel Messi’s choice to still come to play for his national team.

In his words, it almost seemed like Ronaldo wishes Messi to win the Copa America as he did so many times when he played for Brazil.

Ronaldo Nazario won a total of two Copa America trophies with Brazil in 1997 and 1999, he also lost the 1995 final against Uruguay.

“I believe that this rivalry has made both Brazil and Argentina better squads over the years,” said Ronaldo on Marca Claro.

“I think that competition is what makes us wish to be better than the rival, it is very healthy.”

“Apart from the football rivalry, I have absolutely nothing against Argentina. I have many friends from there and I’ve traveled there many times.”

“Many Argentines come to Brazil on vacation, there is a good ongoing relationship there. We love our Argentine brothers here, there is always a good feeling between both countries.”

“More than anything, I want to congratulate Leo on his birthday and wish him to live another 100 years.”

“What more can I say about Leo? I wish he could play all his life! I think Leo is the type of player who was born to entertain people.”

“I think comparing his success between Barcelona and Argentina is an injustice. When he plays in Barcelona, he trains every day with his teammates and has a much more relaxed dynamic where he can develop his football better.”

“But I don’t think there is a difference between both squads. I’m sure Leo wants to give everything he can to his national team, that’s why he keeps making the sacrifice.”

“At 32 years old, he could easily reject playing the Copa America but there you have him giving up on vacations to try and win the title. We can’t forget that Argentina hasn’t won the title in many years.”

Messi’s last chance will be against Venezuela.

Looking at what Ronaldo Nazario just mentioned about Messi trying to win the Copa America again, the last chance Messi will have during this tournament is on Friday.

The Argentina Captain is going to do everything in his power to defeat Venezuela in the quarterfinals, but he will need all the help he can get from his teammates.

It’s already been established that Lionel Messi alone can’t win tournaments by himself, he simply is not that type of player.

Unlike other stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, or Ronaldo Nazario himself, Messi needs the proper environment to succeed.

If Argentine gets to beat the ‘Vinotinto’ in the quarterfinals, they will play against the winner of the other quarterfinal between Brazil and Paraguay in the semifinal.

Lionel Messi isn’t getting any younger, he won’t play football for the rest of his life and time is running out for him to win a trophy for his country.

Even though Ronaldo Nazario’s wish is a nice sentiment, we all know that it’s not possible for Messi to remain young all his life.

Perhaps freezing him in carbonite would be a good idea until we can find the secret to eternal youth, that way we can have Messi playing football forever. 😛

How would you imagine an attacking duo of Messi and Ronaldo Nazario? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.