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Ronaldo places Barcelona as another title contender

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Looking at the possible title contenders for the upcoming Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo placed Barcelona as a title contender.

As we enter a new season with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the project at Juventus, not even the Portuguese player can forget FC Barcelona.

There is a clear competition between the two clubs that have the best players in the world, Barcelona obviously has Messi.

Cristiano will never be able to take his name out of his biggest rival’s path, they were destined to be compared to each other.

According to One Versus One, Ronaldo had a slightly less prolific season than Messi in regards to stats.

The Argentine scored 36 La Liga goals and Ronaldo only had 21 Serie A goals last season, the Portuguese forward also created fewer chances than Messi did.

Leo had 58 overall chances created, Ronaldo only got 18 of them. There is a clear decline in Cristiano’s stats over the last season, but that has a lot to do with his sudden change of scenery.

However, the Juventus player won more collective titles than Messi did last year. The Argentine only won La Liga, whereas Cristiano won the Supercoppa Italia, the Serie A title, and the UEFA Nations League with Portugal.

One could easily say that Cristiano had a better year than Messi because this is football, not tennis.

But according to a poll made by One Versus One, the voters considered Messi a better player than Ronaldo last season.

We beg to differ from this statement, we believe that this first year at Juventus was good for adaptation.

Ronaldo’s objectives for next season.

In regards to the comparison between the two players, it was evident that Messi had the better squad last season and not even that was enough for him to win the Champions League.

Ronaldo practically eliminated Atletico Madrid on his own, he knew he didn’t have a competitive enough squad to go all the way and he still didn’t surrender.

There is a clear battle that’s coming between the two veteran stars, expecting the same stats of last season from Ronaldo would be a terrible mistake.

Juventus realized they needed better players to surround their star, which is why they went all in to sign the best possible players for the new project.

The top contenders to win the Champions League next season are Ronaldo’s Juventus and Messi’s Barcelona.

Even though Real Madrid still has one of the strongest clubs in the world, they don’t have either of these two players and that will play a huge role in the new season.

Cristiano also knows that the English clubs are very competitive, but he is confident that the most difficult rivals will be in Spanish football as it happens every season.

There is no doubt that every single club in Europe that aspires to compete for the Champions League, needs to study all the Spanish clubs in detail.

When asked about the top title contenders for the competition, Ronaldo expressed his confidence in Juventus but he didn’t forget to mention the obvious choices.

“As it happens every year, Barcelona is a title contender,” said Ronaldo on Marca.

“I see them very strong again this season. They brought players like De Jong, Griezmann, as they did last year with Coutinho or Dembele…”

“They are always one of the best clubs in the world. I think the same way about Real Madrid, they have Hazard, Jovic, Mendy…”

“But Juventus has some strong players this season as well… I’m always looking at Real Madrid because I left a legacy here, I left many friends and this is the club in which I’ve won most of my trophies.”

“I am 100% certain that they will have a great season. The candidates will always remain the same, regardless of who they sign during the summer.”

“We have Madrid, Barça, Atletico, Juve, Bayern, Liverpool… I may fail to mention a couple, but I really think it will be the same compared to other years.”

“Barça and Madrid are the ones that spent the most money compared to the rest. City is a favorite too, but favorites don’t always win the titles in football.”

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