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Ronaldo slammed again by Italian sports minister

Vincenzo Spadafora, Cristiano Ronaldo
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Italian sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, again accused Ronaldo of breaking COVID-19 protocols and added ‘these great champions feel they are above everyone else’.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Italy last week upon testing positive for coronavirus with the Portuguese national team.

The Juventus ace traveled from Lisbon to Turin on a ‘medical flight’ and has since been in isolation. But while everyone can understand he wanted to be home with his family, Spadafora isn’t so sympathetic.

The Italian sports minister slammed Cristiano for breaking the COVID-19 rules in Italy with no authorization.

Ronaldo denied this accusation on Instagram Live recently, but Spadafora has now gone and aimed another dig at the 35-year-old.

“These great champions feel a bit above everybody else,” he told Italian television channel ‘La 7’.

“The objective data is that, when he left our country to join the national team, he broke the protocol and in fact, an investigation in the public prosecutor’s office in Italy was opened. He shouldn’t have gone to Portugal.”

Spadafora then called on Ronaldo to use his fame to encourage fans to obey the rules laid out for them.

The Italian added: “The message that champions of this level should give is to always respect the rules.

“That (the altercation with Cristiano Ronaldo) happens because I’m out of this world (of sport), I said what I said about Ronaldo, a person who has 240 million followers.”