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Ronaldo takes Portugal to the Nations League final

Portugal v Switzerland - UEFA Nations League Semi-Final
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In a dramatic match in Porto, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Switzerland that takes Portugal to the Nations League final.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still the most important player for Portugal right now, the Portuguese forward delivered another mesmerizing performance against Switzerland tonight.

The UEFA Nations League final gave us the first of two semifinal matches at Do Dragao Stadium in Porto, the Swiss weren’t going to make things easy for the locals.

The major difference would be Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal needed another great performance from their biggest players in history.

The Juventus player began his particular show since the first half, he scored a beautiful free-kick on the 25th minute of the game.

Switzerland proved that they are a very limited squad and Portugal also proved that their supporters can help them win the title.

The first half ended with this initial advantage thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s amazing goal, but things were about to get very strange in Porto.

Portugal was about to live one of the most controversial VAR moments in football history, it happened during the second half of the match.

German ref Felix Brych was about to make a decision that nobody had ever seen before, all thanks to how limited VAR experience is with some of the officials.

Penalty blunder from the Brych.

Ten minutes into the second half, Brych called a penalty in Portugal’s favor but the VAR officials signaled him a previous foul on the other side of the pitch.

There was an alleged foul on Switzerland’s favor that Brych decided to review with the replay, the moment actually didn’t seem like a foul from the Portugal defense.

However, the referee still called a second penalty and effectively annulled the one he called on Portugal’s favor.

This is unprecedented in football history, the Swiss didn’t hesitate and they scored the equalizer through Ricardo Rodriguez.

Before the player took his shot from the spot, Cristiano Ronaldo approached Rui Patricio to advice him on where to go to stop the shot.

Apparently the captain was right about the prediction, but Patricio still wasn’t able to save Rodriguez’s attempt.

This match was getting more complicated for Portugal, we could go all the way into extra time with this momentary result.

The fans started to motivate Ronaldo through chants, they were expecting him to make another heroic appearance but time was running out and he wasn’t getting closer to scoring the goal.

Cristiano needed help from his teammates in order to make that difference.

Bernardo Silva appears to help Ronaldo.

With only two minutes left on the clock, Portugal really needed a miracle from Cristiano and the fans were starting to get stressed.

Bernardo Silva was the man who finally made his appearance, he is the partner that Cristiano had been waiting for during the whole match.

The Manchester City player provided an assist to Cristiano from the right wing, a pass that Ronaldo connected with a potent shot that went straight into the bottom corner.

This was the match winner but Ronaldo still wanted more, he got his hat-trick in the final minute after Gonçalo Guedes assisted him with a pass between the lines during a counter attack.

With these three goals, Cristiano Ronaldo helps Portugal reach the UEFA Nations League final next Sunday.

We still have one more match to enjoy on Thursday between the Netherlands and England, but we already have Ronaldo’s nation leading the charge as the tournament’s host.

This hat-trick also leaves Ronaldo with 88 goals for his country, an impressive number that only rivals the best goal scorers in football history.

What a player Ronaldo is, he proved it again tonight.

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