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Ronaldo the most valuable “tweeter” in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo, Twitter
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Cristiano Ronaldo has topped the charts in yet another valuation list, this time it is the value of his tweets.

Already the top footballer on social media platform Instagram. As well as the highest-earning footballer on the planet.

Now he has the most valuable tweets in the world to add to his collection of world number ones.

It’s not quite priceless but it’s getting there.

According to Fox Business, Ronaldo is not only top he is miles or should we say hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of his nearest competitor.

Fox wrote:

“Ronaldo, the 35-year-old footballer who plays for Italian club Juventus generates an equivalent advertising value of $868,604 per tweet.”

” His posts are, on average, $200,000 more valuable than his nearest competitor.”

“Ronaldo has nearly 82 million followers on Twitter.”

That is some quite serious numbers from the Portuguese superstar. No wonder Nike love it when he posts stuff like this.