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Ronaldo too disgusted to even react to Bernardeschi

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Federico Bernardeschi’s wild effort against Cagliari for Juventus was so bad Cristiano Ronaldo was lost for words and emotions.

It is an all too familiar sight, Cristiano Ronaldo screaming at his teammates who waste a potential effort in front of goal. Especially if he was a position to do better and the culprit failed to even attempt to get the ball to him.

Let’s set the scene, Juventus are playing Cagliari in Serie A. Ronaldo and his teammates have already claimed the league title, and the game is nothing more than insignificant to the Bianconeri.

Right? Wrong!

To Cristiano Ronaldo, it is a mission to catch and pass Ciro Immobile in the race for the Italian Golden boot.

While Lazio’s Immobile has been scoring freely of late, CR7 has somewhat dried up on the goals and needed desperately to score.

Despite all this Federico Bernardeschi could have played an intricate pass to Ronaldo in the box and the GOAT would have surely scored.

Instead the Italian winger swung wildly and saw the ball end up nearer the corner flag than the goal.

First, we are going to point out where Ronaldo is in the picture, he’s the one in the red circle.

Now watch the video, classic pissed off Ronaldo!