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Ronaldo took Real Madrid’s number ‘7’ nine years ago

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We look back to the day when Cristiano Ronaldo finally had the chance to take Real Madrid’s number ‘7’, it happened nine years ago today.

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been associated with his inseparable number ‘7’, he took this number at Real Madrid exactly nine years ago to this day.

The Portuguese star took this number first when he became a Manchester United player, he didn’t understand how important this shirt was at Old Trafford but he eventually did.

With the Red Devils, legendary players such as George Best, Eric Cantona, or David Beckham wore this number before him.

Cristiano arrived in Manchester with a huge responsibility on his shoulders, but he quickly became more important than the number itself.

Ronaldo might be the only player in history who really did outgrow the significance of this number, he became the quintessential number ‘7’ player in football history.

This became even more evident when he arrived at Real Madrid, the Spanish giants already had their own mythical number ‘7’ player with Raul Gonzalez Blanco and Cristiano knew that he needed to earn this number through his football.

The man began working from the very first moment he became a Real Madrid player, but he didn’t wear this shirt until the Spanish legend decided to leave Los Blancos.

By the time Jose Mourinho arrived, he knew that Ronaldo would be his top player and he explained Raul his new role in the club.

Cristiano didn’t want to be Ronaldo Nazario.

When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the club, he started wearing the odd number ‘9’ of the team.

This number had been largely associated with another great player who also had his name and was a true legend of the game as well.

Ronaldo Nazario was also a Real Madrid player just a few years before Cristiano arrived, the former United star wanted to make his own story and he didn’t really like wearing the number ‘9’ shirt.

By the time Raul Gonzalez Blanco realized he wouldn’t play anymore, he made the decision to leave and he finally allowed Cristiano to take his beloved number ‘7’.

This happened exactly 9 years ago to this day, which was also when everything started changing for the better.

Ronaldo became a very different player after getting back to his beloved number, he was a very different player compared to the star he became at Manchester United.

The digit was the same but the player was an evolution on its final form, the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo was about to take over the world with what he did at Real Madrid over the next eight seasons.

We will break down all the numbers for everybody, just so you can feel the power that Ronaldo brought to Los Blancos with this number on his back.

During his very first season while wearing the number ‘9’, Cristiano Ronaldo was still quite prolific and he scored some impressive goals.

A total of 33 that earned him the respect of the Spanish football community in record time, this man was no joke and he came to conquer the world.

However, nobody imagined that Ronaldo would obliterate every Real Madrid stat in record time.

Since he arrived to play for Los Blancos, Cristiano scored an impressive 417 goals in 407 matches played in all competitions.

If that wasn’t enough, Cristiano also provided 119 assists to all his teammates in that period of time.

We all know the many trophies he won after that, but those numbers he delivered are frightening to look at.

We are convinced that matching the numbers Ronaldo provided as Real Madrid’s number ‘7’ player may never be reproduced again while we are still alive.

People keep talking about Kylian Mbappe and his chances of getting these numbers if he came to the Spanish club, but we still have our doubts about that.

For Cristiano, it didn’t matter if more mythical players wore that same number at the club.

People like Raul, Butragueño or Juanito became irrelevant after Cristiano Ronaldo finished his spell at Real Madrid.

Can you think of any other number ‘7’ players who had Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact in football history? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.