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Ronaldo vs Coca-Cola, a rivalry that cost $4 billion

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After yesterday’s infamous Coca-Cola incident, we tell you all about the economic impact Cristiano Ronaldo had on the famous brand. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact can sometimes cross lines that nobody ever imagines, ask Coca-Cola if you don’t believe it. Yesterday, the Portugal star lived a miscellaneous moment that left the famous brand completely naked and afraid. As he sat in the press room to talk to the media, he immediately removed two Coca-Cola bottles from the frame. One would think that’s all he wanted to do but Ronaldo wanted to take it a step further. As you all know, there may not be a healthier athlete in the world of sports.

As soon as Cristiano removed those bottles, he immediately advised the world to drink more water instead of that soda pop. He never imagined how much impact a simple recommendation would have on the stock market. Overnight, Coca-Cola’s stocks plunged an insane $4 billion that took all of today to slightly recover. This massive hit only lasted less than 24 hours but it’s a testament to the power Ronaldo has over the world as an influencer. 

Coca-Cola recovers from Ronaldo’s diss. 

If you go to a graphic on Google, you can clearly see the exact moment in which Cristiano Ronaldo dissed Coca-Cola as a company. But we are talking about one of the most powerful enterprises in human history. If they survived the Second World War, they can survive Ronaldo undermining them. Certainly, Ronaldo’s publicist will tell him that making enemies like that is not a wise move.

However, we believe the legendary player cares very little about what Coca-Cola can act against him. He will always place a healthy lifestyle over drinking a liquid that only withers your physical state. We should all follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s advice and drink more water than any other drink.