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Ronaldo wants Andre Gomes in Juventus playing by his side

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According to Don Balon, the Portuguese player has requested Juventus to bring his compatriot from FC Barcelona this summer.

Now that Ronaldo has been announced as the latest Juventus FC star for next season, the Portuguese player can virtually get any request he makes to the club and he has reportedly asked for compatriot Andre Gomes to join him from FC Barcelona. According to Spanish news outlet Don Balon, the former Real Madrid star has fond memories of Gomes performing at a top level in the 2016 European Championship and believes he can produce the same performances with him at Juventus. That is why he as requested the Italian giants to make an effort and attempt a transfer from FC Barcelona.

Gomes’ experience in Barcelona has been below what he expected since he arrived in the Catalan club, he even accepted in public that he wasn’t motivated to play at the same level that made him a star for Portugal back in 2016. During his time in the Catalan club, Andre Gomes was never able to reach his peak and has faded into obscurity ever since with very little hopes of someday going back to that same version of himself. But Cristiano Ronaldo trusts his compatriot and has already pulled the strings to bring him to Juventus, both players share the same agent in Jorge Mendes which would facilitate negotiations between both clubs.

Despite FC Barcelona’s probable cause to let Gomes leave the club, president Josep Maria Bartomeu is not keen on letting Gomes leave for less than the €35 million the club initially paid Valencia for his transfer back in 2016. Another obstacle in this deal between Barcelona and Juventus is the fact that the Catalan club still doesn’t have enough midfielders to fill that same position that both Gomes and Iniesta played inside the club, an agreement could be reached but only after the Spanish giants have found a suitable replacement for the Portuguese midfielder. Ronaldo is convinced that playing alongside him, Andre Gomes will reach his top level once again and help Juventus win titles in the upcoming season.