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Ronaldo’s cheeky birthday message to Diego Maradona

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In what perhaps can be considered one of the cheekiest birthday messages he got, Cristiano Ronaldo greeted Diego Maradona. 

Diego Maradona just spoke about his struggle to choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi as the best player in the world. This happened just days before his 60th birthday. Now that October the 30th is here, hundreds of former players wanted to congratulate Diego.

We’ve seen messages from all around the world and probably every single legend you can think of. From Gary Lineker to Ronaldinho. But perhaps the cheekiest of all the birthday messages Maradona got so far is from Cristiano Ronaldo. As the Portuguese star remains in quarantine, he decided to send his congratulations in one of the most original ways.

The Juventus star wanted to send him a small dig that can spice up the GOAT debate even further. We need to remember that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those players with supreme confidence in himself. 

Ronaldo congratulates Maradona with cumbia. 

To those who aren’t aware, Diego Maradona is an avid cumbia aficionado. As any sane Argentine would do it, he listens to this music genre quite often. There are countless videos of Diego dancing to cumbia whenever he is celebrating. With this in mind, Ronaldo thought it was smart to send him a birthday message with some cumbia in the background. He sent a video message in which he also left a cheeky dig at the end. 

“Hello Diego, how do you do? I’m listening to a little bit of cumbia. I want to congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you the best, my brother. Hopefully, everything is going well with you and I want you to keep enjoying life. Many hugs to you, my brother. You are the number one, but only after ‘El Bicho’ (himself).”

That was cheeky but maybe not untrue. What do you think?