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Ronaldo’s fortune versus the world

Cristiano Ronaldo
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As one of the most successful and popular sportsmen in the world, it’s no surprise that Ronaldo commands an immense salary.

Earning more in a month than most people will make in their lives, his level of wealth is a difficult thing to comprehend.

With that in mind, we want to compare his yearly salary to a range of other highly valuable objects. From the lottery to jewels and even other people, here’s how Ronaldo, and his 32 million euros a year, stack up.

The Winning Ticket

When it comes to big money, the lottery is easily one of the most famous methods open to everyone. Potential wins here range from enormous to unimaginable, and that is what we’re looking at.

The record Powerball jackpot was $1.586 billion, won on the January 13 drawing from 2016. Shared by three people, this has long stood as the uppermost metric by which lottery wins are compared. So, let’s do a little math.

cristiano ronaldo, juventus
TURIN, ITALY – OCTOBER 01: Cristiano Ronaldo of FC Juventus celebrates the victory during the UEFA Champions League group D match between Juventus and Bayer Leverkusen at Juventus Arena on October 1, 2019 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

Converted, this $1.586 billion is €1.433 billion. This means, at this current rate of earning €32 million a year, it would take Ronaldo 44.8 years to match this amount. Don’t get us wrong, we have complete faith in him as a player, but we can’t see him still playing as well when he’s 89.

The Perfect Gem

At the time of writing, the most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction was the CTF Pink Star, formerly called the Steinmetz Pink. In 2017, this flawless pink diamond sold in Hong Kong for HK$553 million. After conversion, this sum corresponds to €63.79 million.

With a little maths, we can see that Ronaldo could afford to purchase this after only two years of work. Not bad at all, considering the stone’s place of the king of the gems.

The Billionaire’s Club

As difficult as it can be for us to compare to the amount which Ronaldo earns, there a few people in the world who have the same relationship with him. In this case, we’re going to be looking at Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, the current richest man in the world.

As of 2019, Bezos finds himself with a total net worth of a rather comfortable $110.8 billion, or just over €100 billion. So, how long would it take Ronaldo to match Bezos’s level of wealth?

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos painted portrait (CC BY 2.0) by Abode of Chaos

At his current rate, Ronaldo would need to maintain his level of wealth for 3,126 years to close the gap. Yes, even though he earns €32 million a year.

Again, we have faith in Ronaldo’s skill, but we doubt he’d be able to play as well at 89, let alone at 3,160 years old.

Time to Save

Regardless of how Ronaldo might match up to some of these comparisons, we’re fairly certain he has no issue sitting where he does now. One of the best and most respected players in football history is not a reputation which a billionaire, a gem, or a lotto winner can match. At least, not directly.

Besides, on the off-chance he is still playing 50 years from now, you can bet we’ll still be watching.