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Ronaldo’s future in Serie A is still very much in the air

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Due to various opinions about his time in Juventus, Ronaldo’s future in Serie A is still very much in the air. Where will he go next? 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s days in Serie A could be numbered for all we know about the Portuguese star. His time at Juventus started off pretty well but it began distorting as soon as he realized he wasn’t winning the Champions League. Initially, Cristiano felt that leaving his perfect life in Real Madrid would be easy due to his dominant level of performance. But as time began to creep on him, he soon noticed the results weren’t the same.

Back in Spain, Real Madrid wasn’t suffering as much as he was. Zinedine Zidane managed to win the Spanish La Liga during the year of the pandemic and he is about to eliminate Liverpool in the Champions League quarterfinals. Ronaldo possibly regrets leaving Los Blancos and he might be thinking about a return next summer. Especially with so much criticism against him coming from prominent figures in the Italian Serie A. 

Allegri and Zegna are against Ronaldo. 

You would think that only Antonio Cassano is against Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Juventus but that would be wrong. There are some prominent figures in Serie A who are currently not happy with how things turned out for the star. In fact, Massimiliano Allegri considers Cristiano is monopolizing the squad with his style of play. For some, he is not a team player who can look out for the collective.

Walter Zegna is a little harsher by stating Ronaldo realized he is not as dominant as he was in the past due to his age. Regardless of how they think, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for not taking criticism very well. He might make a decision about his future soon if he considers the backlash is too strong. Plus, he might also like the idea of winning more titles in a different league.