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Ronaldo’s hat-trick got fans going crazy over it

Ronaldo’s hat-trick got fans going crazy over it
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In a divine turn of events, Portugal’s leading man, Ronaldo, scored a hat-trick, thus placing his squad in the Nations League final.

What does it take to be considered a ‘great one’? Apparently, adding yet another hat-trick to your resume can do the trick, and Cristiano Ronaldo knows this best.

The Portuguese superstar made his team proud once again, after scoring a sublime hat-trick against Switzerland, thus leading Portugal into the Nations League final.

His skills, undisrupted focus, and self-taught excellence made Ronaldo the player he is today. However, his efforts in last night’s game did not go unnoticed by the wider public.

In fact, fans on social media were astonished by the exuberant performance by the striker and made sure the world knows it, too.

Taking to Twitter, many fans described Ronaldo as far more talented than his nemesis, Lionel Messi.

“Another hattrick by Ronaldo for Portugal. Insane. No one, I repeat no one can stop him when he’s on roll!” said one comment.

“Waking up this morning to see that Ronaldo scored a hat-trick on the big stage & hardly batting an eye just sums up how spoiled we’ve been. Getting to witness him & Messi battle is out for 10+ years, each trying to outdo the other, has been a privilege. We’ll never see it again,” another Tweet stated.

“Ronaldo hattrick vs Switzerland In semifinals. When the team needed him most Ronaldo hattrick vs. Atletico Madrid. When they were 2-0 down, Messi doesn’t have these kinds of performance this whole season Only has statpadding session vs. Huesca, Betis,” another user chimed in.

“Need a Hattrick? It’s a Big Game? You know who to call. I mean it’s so simple! Only One King Cristiano Ronaldo!” a third comment said, as reported by CalcioMercato.

It goes without saying that Ronaldo gets the job done. Especially when his team needs him. Especially when his personal statistics are about to skyrocket.

And especially in the face of all those who are keen on throwing shade at his football brilliance.