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Ronaldo’s responses to Manchester United team-mates teasing him about Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United
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Cristiano Ronaldo has a reputation of being somewhat self-centred, recognizing himself as the best footballer in the world.

However, in his time with Manchester United, team-mates often joked about Messi being the best.

But Cristiano Ronaldo was always ready for those words. Peter Crouch talked about this, and, according to Mirror, said:

“I spoke to some of the United players and said what’s Ronaldo like, and they said they used to wind him up by saying Messi was better than him and he said: ‘Yeah, but Messi doesn’t look like this’.”

The Portuguese’s self-confidence was always one of his best traits.

He will return to Juventus after scoring four goals in two Euro 2020 qualifying matches.