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Ronaldo’s shirtless photos prove his fitness potential – Men’s Health

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s physique inspires men to be in good shape according to Men’s Health.

Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players of all time, but when it comes to fitness, the Portuguese megastar never skips a day at the gym.

As known by all, Ronaldo loves to show off his body with shirtless photos, typically his stunning abs and muscular body. He has always been grabbing attention with his physique through Instagram on a personal level, this has led to girls being attracted to him and men wanting to have his body.

Ronaldo has generated a large number of following with more than 237,000,000 checking his feed regularly to catch a glimpse of him shirtless. Whether it is with his attractive sports cars or him shirtless with his family, Ronaldo appears to dedicate time appropriately creating a tease for his viewers, something no ordinary guy is yet to achieve.

Ronaldo has made sure to keep his audience engaged with his sneak peek pictures on his Instagram page, including his six-pack and built muscles. This is enough to keep the fans attentive for quite a while in hopes to reach their dedication.

Here are some of the top posts by Ronaldo on Instagram:

1. August 2020

Ronaldo enjoying some vacation time, and the new haircut matches his style.

2. July 2020

This post shows Ronaldo competing against his Bugatti Chiron, a $3 million car.

3. April 2020

Here, Ronaldo inspires people to stay fit during the pandemic situation as he shows his naturally built physique.

4. February 2020

This post shows Ronaldo’s dedication and work ethic, and of course his finely ripped body.

5. February 2020

As you may know, Ronaldo loves to take ice baths. This photo displays his capability to stay in cold temperature.

6. December 2019

Another shirtless photo shows how thankful Ronaldo feels because of his supporters.

7. November 2019

Ronaldo loves to work his abs out. This photo indicates his determination to work out.

8. August 2019

Ronaldo shows off his classic car along with his muscular body. He is also wearing his own underwear.

9. August 2019

It is all about the mentality for Ronaldo. He keeps it calm and composed on the field as he is in this picture.

10. July 2019

Ronaldo is seen enjoying his cup of tea in this photo. He shows off his healthy lifestyle and marvelous abs.