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Ronaldo’s sister provokes Messi after Barcelona’s defeat

Portugal v Sweden - International Friendly
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Elma Aveiro has shared a provocative post on social media where Lionel Messi seems to be worshiping Ronaldo on a church-like structure.

The eldest sibling of the Aveiro family has always shown her support for her little brother. Elma’s overprotective behavior regarding her brother has made some headlines in the past. This time, she did it in a way that probably annoyed some of Messi’s fans. After Juventus’ win against Barcelona last night, the 47-year-old businesswoman shared a picture on Instagram that had the Argentinian on his knees before Ronaldo’s figure.

Although the Portuguese forward declared last night there was no rivalry between the players, Elma seems to know exactly what the press and the fans want. Ronaldo’s sister received some negative comments on the post, mainly from Messi’s fans. One user wrote: “What a lack of respect. Putting Messi on his knees. Why? What for? Empathy,” he asked.

However, Cristiano’s fans rejoiced with the post. One of them wrote: “The best of all time how big is Ronaldo.”

“My king. The best ever. My life’s pride,” was the caption chosen for the post.