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Ronaldo’s sister takes a swipe at Juventus players

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister takes a swipe at the Juventus team, insisting her brother had no help in the quest for Champions League success.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Elma, has never been one to shy away from speaking what’s on her mind.

She is always on standby to defend her brother from his critics.

After last night’s efforts, even his staunchest enemy would have found it hard to deny that Ronaldo gave his all for the cause.

Surely without him, things would not have been so close for Juventus in their battle with Lyon. But as ever there are those detractors from CR7’s accomplishments.

So Elma has taken to social media to throw the book at the rest of the Juventus team. Insisting that her brother did all he could without the help of the others on the field.

She said:

“You did better than anyone. I am proud to see you play and to see your dedication, but unfortunately alone you cannot do everything, moreover, it is impossible !!!!!”

“You know football is like that, but you also have to think you did your best, and you are still the best.”

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