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Ronaldo’s work ethic left Tevez scratching his head

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic left one-time teammate Carlos Tevez bewildered and unable to match him.

Cristiano Ronaldo is notorious for his work ethic, he lives by the mantra of “first to arrive and last to leave.”

While he has an abundance of natural talent, you simply don’t become as good as he is both physically and skillfully without putting in the work.

Argentine Tevez was Ronaldo’s teammate back at Manchester United. Tevez was amazed at the amount of work a young Cristiano put in.

In an interview reported by AS, the Boca Juniors forward, realized something was different when he always found Ronaldo at the training facility no matter what time he arrived.

He said:

“If we were training at nine in the morning, you would go there at eight and he’d be there.”

“If you got there are half seven, he was there.”

“I said to myself: ‘How do you catch this guy out?”

Tevez thought to himself, he could catch the young Portuguese out and got there one day crazy early.

He added:

“So I got there one day at half six and he was there.”

“He was half asleep but he was there.”

Tevez thinks Ronaldo has taken things a little too far.

He concluded:

“The thing I noticed, and all of the women surely see when they look at him.”

“He is all day in the gym, it’s an obsession he has.”

Interestingly enough, both players departed Manchester in the summer of 2009.

Tevez went to Manchester City,  while Ronaldo went to Real Madrid.

To put things into perspective, Ronaldo is 34 years of age and has scored over 700 goals in his career so far.

Carlos Tevez is 35 and scored a little over 200 goals.