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Rooney admits it’s tough being captain

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Wayne Rooney has revealed just how tough it is to be the captain of a top side and even your country.

Wayne Rooney has donned the captain’s armband at every club he has played for. 

He was given the armband in the latter stages of his Manchester United career. Then he wore it on his return to Goodison Park with Everton.

Plus at DC United and now with Derby County.

Rooney was even captain of the England team for three years too.

Speaking to the Times, the record goalscorer admits while it is a privilege it can also be a tough job.

The legendary striker insists it is a captain’s duty to sometimes act as a go-between for the players and the manager. This has left him having to reveal some tough truths.

He said:

“When players aren’t happy, they often go to the captain and you end up being the one to present complaints.”

“That can lead to difficult conversations.”

“At one club I was asked to go and tell the manager his training sessions were not good enough.”

“That’s not an easy one. ‘Excuse me, gaffer. The lads think your training’s shit’.”

Rooney is adamant a good captain’s role extends beyond the practice field and game day.

He added: 

“It’s your responsibility to welcome new players and settle them into the squad.” 

“The media duties are more intense. You face the country’s leading journalists and not all of them think you should be captain.” 

“You need to be a strong character.”

“Then the England armband means your behavior is judged differently.”

Wayne Rooney is obviously much more than just a goal scorer, and it is perhaps why he is one of the best players of his generation.