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Rooney believes MLS should pay more

Wayne Rooney, MLS, DC United
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According to the DC United star, Wayne Rooney, American players in the Major League Soccer (MLS) deserve to be paid more for their work.

England legend Wayne Rooney has been playing for DC United since the summer of 2018.

And with the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement this winter, the English footballer has given his opinion about how much players make in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

“I feel that American players get underpaid,” he told ESPN.

“I feel they deserve to get more money to stay in line with football in the rest of the world but also in terms of American sports.”

“I’m not saying it to benefit me, I obviously won’t be in the league next season. I think it’s only fair to those players who are putting in the same work as all have to earn the right to earn more money for doing it,” he added.

“I think the flight issues, in terms of you, get so many chartered flights, I believe if a team wants chartered flights than they should be able to charter as many they want. They should be able to do whatever they want with that.”

“I think the difference is that last season we played with a lot of confidence in that we had nothing to lose. We went into games, and obviously we had a lot of home games, but we played with a lot of confidence and we were building results in that push to make the playoffs,” he concluded.