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Rooney gives England some playing tips

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The former Three Lions footballer believes the team has a big problem with playing out from defense, something that made them lose against the Netherlands on Thursday.

England lost 3-1 in extra-time against the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League Semifinal.

And now they are set to play against Switzerland today, to see which team will take home Third Place.

But for former Three Lions star Wayne Rooney, his country risks “starting from scratch” if they do not persevere with playing out from defense.

“I think that’s where England have got a lot better, playing out from the back and having more possession of the ball than we have had in recent times,” the 33-year-old was quoted by The Sports Mole.

“I’d encourage them to keep playing.”

“Mistakes were made and we lost the game but I’m sure those mistakes won’t happen again,” he said.

“And if they do and that’s the way the manager wants to play then I’m sure the manager will take responsibility and encourage them to keep doing it.”

Rooney explained: “You can’t have a manager saying we want to play out from the back but then you make a mistake and he slaughters you for it.”

“Players can’t go 90 minutes, week in, week out, without making mistakes.”

“If I was in Gareth’s position, I would keep encouraging them to keep doing what they are doing and keep progressing because if you throw the blueprint out of the window now then you’re almost starting from scratch again,” he concluded.