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Rooney – Keane was right to blast United players

Rooney, Keane, United
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Wayne Rooney is adamant that Roy Keane’s legendary MUTV criticism of his Manchester United teammates was right.

Rooney was at United when news broke of Roy Keane doing an interview with the club’s in house TV Channel and criticizing his teammates.

While the interview never went public, it saw an end to Keane’s United career.

It also led to what has been so far an unreconcilable fallout between Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Rooney though, who like Keane captained United admits there was nothing wrong in what the Irishman said because ultimately what he was saying was right.

In his column for the Sunday Times Rooney wrote:

“Roy Keane was vocal. He had an aura.”

“I was at United when he gave his infamous MUTV interview but disagree with how it’s portrayed.”

“Roy was supposedly too critical of his team-mates but I’ve watched the video and there’s nothing wrong with it at all.”

“He said that players can’t pass the ball ten yards and they’re playing for Manchester United and it’s not good enough.”

“Well, he’s right.”

Surely when you discuss the Premier League greats Rooney and Keane must be in the reckoning?