Rooney will receive £100,000 a week!

Former England international Wayne Rooney will become the English Championship best-paid player as he will receive £100,000 a week!

Wayne Rooney and Derby County have announced that the former England international will be playing for the English Championship team for 18 months.

He is set to become the best-paid player in the history of the second-tier league, as he will receive £100,000 a week.

“It’s incredible. I can’t imagine what this is going to do for ticket sales, even away games,” Derby owner Mel Morris told The Daily Mail.

“This is clearly an exciting signing for us and Wayne’s presence will further enhance the club’s standing and its ability to perform both on and off the pitch.”

“On the back of Wayne joining the club, we have just been offered a record-breaking sponsorship deal with our principal shirt sponsor 32Red,” he added.

Andrea Radrizzani, Leeds United, Championship

Radrizzani is considering three investment proposals

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani is currently considering three investment proposals which might help the team compete financially with Manchester City.

“There were a few factors. Family is everything to us and we make this change to be closer to the ones we love back in England.”

Morris explained: “We’ve got four young boys and certainly for my oldest, it is a crucial time in his schooling. It was important for me was to look at that.”

“The starting point was that we understood Wayne was keen to return to the UK, and of course we had a look at the situation to see if we could do something on the back of that.”


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