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Ross Barkley, Eden Hazard’s perfect substitute

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After his last performance for Chelsea, we tell you the areas in which Ross Barkley has improved and why he can become the perfect Eden Hazard replacement.

Eden Hazard’s absence for the last couple of matches at Chelsea have given two specific players a chance to shine and they haven’t disappointed, they are Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Ross Barkley.

But out of both offensive midfielders, the former Everton star is the one who has the biggest chances of one day becoming the perfect substitute for Eden Hazard in case the Belgian winger wants to leave the Blues.

With the constant flirting directed towards Real Madrid, manager Maurizio Sarri knows that he needs to start looking for talented players who can at least try to fill the void that Eden would leave after he decided to leave the club.

But more importantly, the Italian manager needs to find the players who can also play alongside Hazard in case he ultimately decided to remain in the club.

Barkley has been the one who reunites the most offensive props that a manager like Sarri needs, he wanted a natural-born playmaker who can perform well behind the strikers and doesn’t get in the way of Hazard when the Belgian star plays on the left wing like he usually does.

With a stellar performance at Burnley, Ross proved that he can be that leader with or without Eden.

There was a specific analysis that we already reported during the weekend, where Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher revealed the specifics about Barkley’s type of game and how it can benefit Chelsea in the long run for the most crucial matches of the season.

The former Liverpool skipper specifically mentioned Roos Barkley’s ability to dribble and how far along he’s come throughout the years, but Jamie was also quite adamant in mentioning that the England international needs to improve on the mental aspect of his game so he can reach the full potential we all see in him.

“This lad has got to become mentally stronger, but in terms of ability, you think of the players who played in that position in the World Cup – Dele Alli and Jesse Lingard – and maybe you could argue they are better mentally but they are not better ability-wise,” said Carragher on Monday Night Football for Sky Sports.

“If he becomes better mentally – as you would expect playing for a big team and achieving big things – I think he could become a must for the England team.”

During his analysis alongside the likes of Gary Neville, who is also a former England international and a pundit for Sky Sports, Carragher confirmed that he thinks Barkley has everything to become that playmaker that The Three Lions lack today.

In recent times, manager Gareth Southgate has relied a bit much on what Delle Alli can do on that position but the Tottenham Hotspur’s player hasn’t responded in the way the gaffer expected from him.

Neville reckons that Barkley has the qualities that Ali has lacked in recent years, which he has improved under Maurizio Sarri for Chelsea in the last few months.

“Focus, concentration, physicality, and also some rigidity,” said Gary during the program about Barkley’s main aspects of his game that have improved under the Italian manager.

“This idea that players can be free players and do what they want; it’s rubbish. Players like him need to know when to be where. He’s needs guidance and a framework and a platform.”

“It looks like he has an idea of how to play and where to play. He looks like he has a sense of his game and he has improved all around.”

Do you think Ross Barkley has what it takes to replace Eden Hazard and become England’s top playmaker? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.