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Ross Barkley still can’t believe Frank Lampard is his coach

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Ahead of a new season with Chelsea FC, Ross Barkley still can’t believe that he has Frank Lampard as his manager with the Blues.

The younger generations of Chelsea players with names such as Ross Barkley are very happy with their new manager, Frank Lampard is leading them to a new era.

The Blues have a major task this season with the new transfer ban they suffered from UEFA, but Barkley can only think about his luck.

To those who can’t quite understand, most of the Chelsea players who also happen to be die-hard fans of the club are stoked.

Many of them saw Frank Lampard play with the Blues and lead the squad to many important trophies throughout his whole career, Ross Barkley was certainly part of those players.

The midfielder explained how important his role is with the club, and how influential a former midfielder such as Lampard can become with the likes of him, Mason Mount, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

We could also count Christian Pulisic on this list but the English playmakers are especially motivated with Lampard.

Their manager is not only a legend of the club, but he is also considered one of the best midfielders in English football history.

Barkley is the one who articulated how all of them feel quite well, he still is living through that “pinch me” moment in the very first days of training under their new manager.

“As a kid at nine or ten you get stickers of players, and I had him, so to go from watching Frank on Match of the Day, to playing with him for England and then have him as a manager, it shows anything can happen in football,” said Barkley vie The Express.

“He was one of my idols as a kid. I saw him every week on the TV scoring goals. Frank will help all the midfielders here.”

“He is a legend, the highest goal-scoring midfielder in Premier League history, so we are going to take all he has to give us and the experience he has from the past on board.”

“In training he’s been saying ‘express yourself on the pitch, take risks, don’t be too safe, shoot, try and create chances’.”

“It is something I can do and it is what he has been putting into me in training and the pre-season games. I have seen what he was capable of as a player when I played with him for England a few years ago.”

“He has brought the work ethic that he had as a player as a manager into the squad. We have been working really hard.”

“It’s great to hear a coach say that, because you don’t want to play in your shell. You want to be playing off the cuff sometimes, to take chances and make something happen.”

“That’s what players like myself, Mason and Ruben Loftus-Cheek when he’s back, want to express on the pitch.”


Lampard wants to get fast results as soon as possible.

Given how slow the current pre-season started for Chelsea, there had been a little bit of backlash against Lampard.

However, their 2-1 victory against FC Barcelona handed Frankie with a boost that he needed in order to get more confidence from his players.

There are two more friendly matches before the Blues begin the Premier League season with the crucial first match against Manchester United.

First, Chelsea will visit Salzburg on Wednesday and then do the same with Borussia Monchengladbach.

Both of these games are part of the German tour that the club decided to make under Frank Lampard, the English manager is more than ready for this new challenge.

Players like Ross Barkley and the others we mentioned will play a key role in Frank’s chances to keep the job.

Although the challenge will be incredibly difficult for him, there is a lot of confidence from the club’s board because of Lampard’s Championship debut last season.

The lack of transfers this summer won’t be an issue for this manager, who already stated that he won’t use that as an excuse for not having a productive season.

What are you expecting from Frank Lampard as the Chelsea manager on his debut season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.