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Roy Hodgson insists Wilfried Zaha is not for sale

Wilfried Zaha
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Due to all the rumors linking Wilfried Zaha to several clubs, Roy Hodgson had to come out and say that he isn’t leaving Crystal Palace.

Wilfried Zaha has been one of the most coveted players in England for some time, but manager Roy Hodgson is having none of it.

The English manager knows how much the other clubs want this player, but he is determined to keep him at the club.

If he left, Crystal Palace wouldn’t have a chance to remain in the Premier League.

But despite all the efforts from the manager, everybody knows that Palace ha no power to keep the player.

A good offer from any club in the world would convince the board of directors to sell the striker.

At this point, the whole world knows that Frank Lampard’s Chelsea is after this player.

The Crystal Palace fans are demanding a sense of security over their star’s future, but Hodgson cannot provide that at this moment. 

The future is uncertain for Zaha. 

“Wilf is not for sale, so basically I don’t need assurances. We aren’t trying to sell Wilfried Zaha, we want to keep Wilfried Zaha,” said Hodgson via Four Four Two.

“What assurance can people give? I have the assurance there is no one in the club that wants to sell Wilfried Zaha.

“But of course you never know where bids are going to come from. I suppose every time there is a serious bid for one of your players the board of directors needs to take it seriously.

“It’s certainly not something we’re looking for.”

“Everyone at the club is aware we need strengthening, we need some help in terms of our group of players because there are certain areas we don’t have the cover or competition we need,” he added.

“And I believe they (the board) will be trying to help put that right, too, but if you say, ‘have you got assurances?’

“Well, you cant get assurances unfortunately. You can only get people agreeing with you that this is what needs to be done and this should be the next step for us going forward.

“And then hope that it leads to some players coming through the door that you want, that will make your squad stronger. Increase the competition and, most importantly, perhaps prevent us finding ourselves in the current situation.”