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Roy Keane backed for Manchester United job

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Roy Keane should return to Old Trafford in a coaching capacity but Danny Murphy says that Solskjaer has to want him for that first.

Roy Keane has left his post as the assistant manager of Nottingham Forest. This was indeed a surprise since the former Republic of Ireland international had been in the role for only five months.

Keane has already decent amount of experience as a coach and former England international, Danny Murphy believes that Keane can make a difference at Old Trafford.

As things stand, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is overseeing another rebuild of the club. The Norwegian is set for his first preseason tour for the Red Devils and Murphy says that having Roy Keane back at the club would be ideal.

While speaking to TalkSport, the Fulham and Liverpool legend said that it would be great for United to have Keane. After spending 12 years at the club, Roy Keane knows exactly what the club is all about. And his personality is also going to make the difference.

The current dressing room is in dire need of leadership. Paul Pogba was expected to be a leader but his attitude hasn’t been that good to consider him one. And with a man like Roy Keane, troublesome elements would be kept in check.

“I actually see where you’re coming from,”

“Roy Keane is very unique in the way he conducts himself, how forthright he is and he does understand the United way and he wouldn’t mess about.

“There doesn’t seem to be anyone under Solskjaer’s wing who has that fire and steel, they’re all a bit nodding dogs, but I don’t know Solskjaer so maybe he has some steel himself.

“My feeling is, the best management teams I worked under, they have to be on the same page and in it together.

“But this is where I’m struggling with the concept.

“United have empowered Solskjaer with the job, so if you then start choosing his staff, you’ve got a problem.

“You’d be undermining him. If someone comes in who the manager doesn’t really want, you’ve got a problem already.

“If Solskjaer turns around and says, ‘I would love Roy Keane with me’, then you’ve got an exciting team.

“But the conversation between them would have to be, ‘look Roy, I’d love to have you with me, you can do things I can, but it’s my way’, and Keane would have to adhere to that.”