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Ruben Neves admits Sevilla threat for Wolves

Ruben Neves
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Neves is eagerly awaiting Wolverhampton Wanderers’ quarterfinal fixture against the five-time Europa League winners. 

Its been over a year that Wolves began the 2019/20 campaign. They are tired and Nuno Santo is telling to anyone who is willing to listen. 

Nevertheless, Santo does not want to give a heartless attempt in the Europa League. Santo wants to win it and so does his players. 

Ruben Neves echoed his manager’s sentiments, whilst admitting Sevilla are a tough team in the competition. 

The Portuguese midfielder pointed at the rich history of Los Nervionenses but believes the change in format gives them a chance. 

Neves pointed at the improvements made by Wolves over the years, and stated that the whole club is looking to make their mark in a European competition.

“Sevilla have won it before, but it’s a different tournament now. It’s one leg. It’s going to be hard for every team. It will be like a final for us and Sevilla,” Daily Star quoted Neves.

“We want to see this through. We don’t want to stop here – we want something more.”

“We will need to be in our best form because Sevilla are a great team who are used to European competition.”

“But we’re ready and we’re looking forward to it. They need to be ready for us as well because we’ve shown we can do really good things.”

“We’ve had a big season. We’ve been fighting for big things. It’s not easy to come from the Championship and then finish seventh twice. But we want to get even higher.”