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Rugani and Matuidi fully recovered, Dybala still positive

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Paulo Dybala has not been given the all-clear yet but the duo of Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi have both fully recovered after contracting the virus.

Paulo Dybala is reported to still be positive while Rugani and Matuidi have gotten the all-clear.

Some Juventus players arrived at the club’s training center today and were made to undergo tests.

Aaron Ramsey was the first player to arrive while Giorgio Chiellini was also spotted arriving in training.

Elsewhere, Paulo Dybala could still be facing a delay in his return, with the Argentine still said to be positive for COVID-19. The 26-year-old is among the trio of Juventus players to have contacted the players, with the two others now said to be recovered.

Football-Italia report that Juventus released a statement confirming the full recovery of Rugani and Matuidi.

“Rugani and Matuidi performed, as protocol, the double diagnostic test (swabs) for coronavirus-Covid-19. The tests resulted negative. The players were therefore declared cured on April 15 and are no longer under self-isolation.”

Per the report, Dybala is still positive for the virus but is no longer showing symptoms. His girlfriend claimed they were waiting for final results after recently taking tests.

While Dybala’s return is still left pending. Another big Juve name, Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Turin yesterday. All but indicating the Bianconeri are set to resume training this week.