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Rummenigge: “I can not imagine Muller leaving Bayern”

Rummenigge and Muller
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Thomas Muller caused a lot of controversy after publicly speaking on his uncomfortable situation at Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich are facing a lot of Bundesliga competition this season. However, Bayern isn’t the only one facing strong competition.

Thomas Muller saw his place in the team endangered by the arrival of the Brazilian magician, Phillipe Coutinho.

Niko Kovac already declared that he won’t play Muller and Coutinho together, leaving place for only one in the starting eleven.

As things stand, Coutinho will get a lot more playing time, with Muller looking for his opportunity off the bench.

This development of events saw Muller go out publicly to speak about leaving Bayern Munich if his situation doesn’t improve.

However, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge strongly denied such a possibility:

“I can not imagine that,” Rummenigge told Welt am Sonntag

“The relationship between Thomas and Bayern is totally intact and will remain an important part of our club.”

Rumennige added that it’s good that Muller is fighting for his spot:

“If Thomas would sit contentedly on the bench, he would be in the wrong club.

“That’s the reaction we even want, but he still has to deal with the situation seriously. He’s exemplary.”

However, Muller’s recent interview with Kicker doesn’t seem too optimistic:

“If the coaching staff see me as a sub in the future, I will have to think about my situation. I’m too ambitious to not do that,” Muller said.

“Of course the new signings increased the competition in my best position but that’s not the problem. That’s not what it’s all about.

“A manager has to make difficult decisions ahead of every game. But in the recent five games there has been a trend that doesn’t make me happy.”

Manchester United is rumored to be interested in signing the former World Cup winner from Bayern.