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Rumor – Pirlo told to choose between Ronaldo and Dybala

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Andrea Pirlo has apparently been told that he can only keep one of either Cristiano Ronaldo or Paulo Dybala in his Juventus squad.

As any manager does at the end of a season, they sit down with the club’s power brokers and money men to discuss and plan for next season. Even though Andrea Pirlo will have probably done most of his talking before he signed his contract at Juventus, the traditional meeting has apparently taken place.

How that meeting went is quite debatable. Rumors out of Italy suggest that Juventus’ director of football has relayed the message from the club’s owners that the club’s purse strings must be tightened.

The story goes that he must pick between keeping Cristiano Ronaldo or Paulo Dybala.

Ronaldo is without doubt the Bianconeri’s highest earner with a salary that is said to be over 30 million Euros a year.

Dybala is holding out for a new contract that would see him double his money with a deal worth 15 million a season.

The club cannot bankroll both players and Pirlo has to let one go.

What do you think?

Does one of the richest clubs in the world really need to cut corners to that extent?