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Rumor: Ronaldo wants a sensational return to his former club

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According to a report from Marca, Cristiano Ronaldo is setting up the way to make a sensational return to one of his former clubs next summer. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been wildly successful in two of his former clubs, now he is plotting a return to one of both by next summer. According to a report from Marca, the Portuguese forward has been making different decisions that can bring him closer to a Real Madrid return. The place where he won literally every single title he can possibly win is exactly the place where he wants to return.

Cristiano didn’t leave under great conditions when he first stepped out of the club. He was starting to feel unwanted as the club’s biggest star and he had several disagreements with Florentino Perez. At the end of the day, all Ronaldo wanted was to feel more appreciated by the president.

But the chairman didn’t think he neglected Ronaldo as the player always suggested. After leaving the club, we’ve seen Cristiano support his former club from the distance as one more supporter. But this report talks about a number of details we need to note from Cristiano’s possible next move. 

Juventus might not be able to keep paying Ronaldo. 

The Italian giants are well aware of the economic impact Cristiano Ronaldo made on their finances. They currently pay him an impressive €30 million after-tax for each season he’s played at Juventus so far. This wage can’t keep going for much longer if Ronaldo doesn’t win the UEFA Champions League with the club. A global pandemic that struck every single club in the world, has affected Juventus just as much as the rest.

For this crisis alone, the Serie A champions might not be able to continue paying many of their players after the current season. Despite his age, Cristiano is still one of the most coveted players in the world and Juventus wouldn’t mind selling him. Real Madrid would be interested in signing him only if he cuts his salary at least in half, which might be the decisive factor of this negotiation.