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Rumour: PSG reject new Barcelona offer for Neymar

Neymar, PSG
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PSG have rejected the latest offer from Barcelona for Brazillian superstar Neymar.

According to the Daily Express, the latest approach from the Catalonian side has been rejected by the Paris club.

It is understood, that this deal, involved no player swap. It was a loan agreement with the obligation to buy after one season.

Barcelona has apparently offered 40 million Euro in cash for the loan agreement. Then an obligation to buy for a further 150 million at the end of the season.

PSG are believed to have put a price of 250 million Euros on the player but would be willing to accept the 222 million they paid for Neymar.

So the first stumbling block is they failed to meet the club’s valuation.

Secondly, the initial payment of 40 million Euros is nowhere near the 100 million that has been mentioned throughout the ongoing discussions between the clubs.

The French Champions will consider a loan agreement but have some reservations and concerns.

They need the initial payment to be substantial as they too need money to buy a replacement.

There is talk that without that substantial payment, they cannot afford to buy first choice replacement Paulo Dybala from Juventus.

French football insider Julian Laurens said of the offer and PSG’s stance:

“The issue mostly is that they want to reinvest the money that the departure of Neymar will bring.”

“They feel it would be stupid to ley Neymar go for not that much money and then have to spend more money to replace him.”

“If you’re thinking of Paulo Dybala for example who would clearly be a target if Neymar was to go.”

“It would cost them far more than the 40 million Euros cash that Barcelona are giving them now.”

“That’s not good business from PSG.”

“In a way, they feel they’re in a strong position because they can reject those bids and say well hang on, that 40 million won’t bring us anyone and we need to replace Neymar now.”

“They may feel that one player is not enough to replace Neymar.”

“What would they get with 40 million Euros?”

PSG may have to hold tight and hope that a better offer comes in.

Or face the fact that they might have to hang on to Neymar and try and make amends to get the most out the player for at least one more season.

TURIN, ITALY – AUGUST 14: Paulo Dybala of Juventus gestures during the Pre-season Friendly match betewwen Juventus A v Juventus B on August 14, 2019 in Villar Perosa near Turin, Italy. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)