Sacked Mourinho could be brutal boss sometimes – United midfielder reveals

Former Newcastle United midfielder Jermaine Jenas has revealed that Man Utd Jose Mourinho could be a brutal boss sometimes.

Mourinho was sacked as manager of Manchester United last Tuesday following a series of bad results and performances, in the midst of allegations about a broken dressing room at the club.

“Yet talk to Shaun Wright Phillips and Joe Cole and they’ll tell you about the other side,” Jenas wrote in his Daily Mail Column.

“He can be brutal in taking down players, substituting them to make a point, shunning them and belittling them. He would argue it was all about making them realise they could be better – and, for most of his career, he was right and it worked.”

“However he’s now more than 30 years older than most players and he might find it harder to bond with them. Add in the fact that generations evolve and the landscape looks different now.”

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“Young players, just like all young people, are used to broadcasting their lives on social media. It’s hard for that generation to fit the Mourinho mould of control. Maybe he needs someone close to help him.”

“Not enough has been made of the departure of his assistant, Rui Faria, last summer. The loss of someone who has been by his side for 17 years was a huge blow.”

“Management is a lonely business and, when everyone turns on you, you need someone you can trust. Maybe Jose’s dark moods became darker because Rui Faria wasn’t there to lighten them. Maybe he would have steered him away from some of the confrontations.”

“By the end, Jose and United looked like a relationship gone horribly wrong and there was a sense of relief on separation. In the last few days, you’ve seen some of the old charm in the way he’s dealt with his departure. If he can recover that charm, he’ll be a formidable force again.”


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