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Sadio Mane is loving the Ronaldinho comparisons

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Ahead of the crucial match between Liverpool and FC Barcelona, Sadio Mane completely welcomed any comparison of him with Ronaldinho.

There is nobody who will deny that Ronaldinho is one of the most exciting talents in modern football and Sadio Mane has been compared with him lately.

The Senegal international plays a very specific type of joyful football that has reminded a lot of people of the time when Ronaldinho reigned supreme in Barcelona.

This player’s talent has even reportedly gotten Zinedine Zidane’s full attention as the French manager allegedly requested his transfer to Real Madrid.

Mane’s season at Liverpool has been nothing short of spectacular so far, he has been one of the most impressive players for the Reds.

The forward is often mentioned alongside the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah when the best players for Liverpool this season are being discussed.

With 24 goals between the Premier League and the Champions League so far, it’s no secret that Mane is one of Barcelona’s biggest threats.

But moments like the goal he scored against Bayern Munich are the ones that pull comparisons between him and Ronaldinho from the media.

The star gave a press conference ahead of the game against Barcelona, he was told about this comparison and his response was priceless.

“Wow, what a compliment! Thank you, that’s a huge motivation for me,” said Mane via Mundo Deportivo.

“Ronaldinho was my hero when I was little, I loved watching him play, especially here at Camp Nou.”

“This is the reason that playing in this stadium is a dream come true for me, although I would’ve loved to face Ronaldinho or play alongside him.”

“I still love him though, he will always be my hero. What else did I like about him? I always enjoyed the smile with which he played football.”

“People say I also smile a lot, but not as much as he did. I would love to have that same smile.”

“I’ve watched Barcelona play since I was a boy, I still watch their La Liga matches and I think Camp Nou is a wonderful stadium.”

“Any player in the world would love to play a match like the one we are playing tomorrow in this stadium.”

“We are extremely motivated and also pressured to win, but we are still going to try to eliminate them.”

“Playing the final against Real Madrid was a very good experience for us, but we face the best club in the world now and winning won’t be easy,” he concluded.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah: Barcelona’s biggest threat

The Senegal international really is one of the most skillful players in the world right now, he compliments perfectly with teammate Mohamed Salah.

The whole trio which includes Roberto Firmino is one of the best in recent history, but ‘Bobby’ is still struggling to play later today due to an injury.

We can certainly expect both Salah and Sadio playing their best football at Camp Nou, all the Barcelona supporters have to be wary of the threat that these two will create against the Catalan defensive backline.

We couldn’t tell you the extent of harm that Sadio Mane will create against them, but we will know the kind of match we are going to experience during the first 20 minutes of the match.

Ernesto Valverde’s team is aware that Liverpool is the biggest threat they have to not make it to the final, which is why they are already willing to take the necessary precautions for this first leg.

A victory at Camp Nou and not receiving a single goal is the main objective, but that seems extremely difficult to accomplish with players like Mane trying to score the goals for Liverpool.


What are your expecting from Sadio Mane against FC Barcelona later today? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.