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Salah: Man City match will not decide the title

mohamed salah, liverpool
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Mohamed Salah has claimed that the match against Man City will not decide the title race

The Premier League will feature one of the most anticipated matches of this year. Liverpool will face Man City on Sunday. While a majority of fans think that a win over City will give Liverpool a heavy advantage, Salah disagrees.

Mohamed Salah insists that the remaining matches are just as important as the one against Manchester City.

“They were talking about that [title race] in December last year when we were six or seven points ahead saying it was over.”

“It’s not over, it’s three games. If you have a bad period you can be in trouble again.

“Even if we win it’s still a long way, it’s only November and way too early to talk about the Premier League,” Salah said.

The Egyptian also went on to talk about his form. Salah insisted that he does not get bothered by people criticizing his performance.

“To be honest I don’t care about what people expect from me. As long as I’m scoring and the team is winning it’s fine.

“I don’t have to care about what people expect from me. That can put too much pressure on you and make you perform badly.

“I’m doing what I want to do and I’m happy about it,” Salah told.