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Samuel Eto’o reveals details of his transfer to Barcelona

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During an interview with SER, Samuel Eto’s revealed how difficult his transfer was from Real Madrid to FC Barcelona.

Samuel Eto’o is one of FC Barcelona’s greatest players in history, he is one of the few players who scored goals in two Champions League finals for the Catalan club.

But there is a story that not all the people know about Samuel, he was actually a Real Madrid player before he played for the Blaugrana.

When he first arrived from Cameroon, the striker came with the idea that he would play for Los Blancos but the club sent him on a loan to Mallorca instead.

During his time there, Samuel grew to become one of the best forwards in La Liga but Florentino still refused to give him a spot in the club.

After so much rejection, the player made a very controversial decision and decided to accept an offer to play at FC Barcelona.

We didn’t know any details about the negotiations between Perez and Joan Laporta, this is something that Eto’o just revealed to the world during an interview with Cadena SER.

The Cameroon legend spoke about his plans for the future, his intention is to become a manager and become the first black coach to win the Champions League by making the team play like Pep Guardiola’s squads.

It’s clear that the fondest memories Eto’o has are from his time at Barcelona, where he is regarded as the best striker in the club’s history.

“The first club that helped me write my story is Mallorca, that why I will be grateful to them, Mateu Alemany, and the team’s managers forever,” said Eto’o on Cadena SER.

“I remember that Luis Aragones summoned me to his office once and asked me: ‘Tell me, little black man. Do you want to be a good or a great player? Your time is over in this club and you need to go to a club that is more up to your standards’.”

“He picked up his phone and called Txiki Begiristain, he asked him if he wanted to win titles during the next years and told him to sign me if they wanted to win.”

“Txiki thought Luis was smoking something strong, but he followed the advice in the end. The most beautiful memory I have from Barcelona was the meeting between Florentino and Laporta in his boat at Mallorca.”

“When Joan came out of the boat, the meeting didn’t go as we expected and he told me ‘now I really signed you’.”

“Then he grabbed me by my head and told me ‘this may not go the way we plan’. I thought this guy was nuts but he was right in the end.”

“This man fought a lot so I could live everything I lived with all my teammates. Every criticism I received helped me be humble and try to improve.”

“The meeting itself was very tough and filled with threats, but Joan insisted so much that I had to tell Florentino and Butragueño that I wanted to play at Barça.”

“I didn’t care if I had to wait for one more year in Mallorca, I knew what I wanted. Florentino heard what I said and he told me that the only way out was to negotiate, which he did and that made me very happy,” he concluded.

Eto’o also praises Ansu Fati.

When Ansu Fati first started playing for FC Barcelona this season, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities he had with Samuel Eto’o.

We were all expecting the former striker to talk about the youngster, even he is surprised for his appearance.

Samu confessed that he is actually watching every single Barcelona match and he has been paying special attention to Fati and Griezmann.

“I watch every Barcelona game. I don’t think we are ready for what’s ins store for us with Fati, I think not even God knows what will happen,” revealed Eto’o.

“He is a fantastic player, he has a set of huge balls. He is a player with a strong character and I wish him the best.”

“But most of all, I wish for him to avoid injuries that could stop his career. Griezmann started the season well.”

“The important players usually understand each other when they are together and the team tends to work.”

“If he enjoys his game, we will all enjoy him. I wish for him to enjoy this club and not pay attention to pressure because playing at Barça is a unique experience, like the one you live when you drink a bottle of great wine.”

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