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Sandro believes Juventus already understands what Sarri wants

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According to Alex Sandro, the Italian Lega Serie A side already understands the manager’s mentality after one month working together.

Italian coach Maurizio Sarri left the English Premier League after lifting the UEFA Europa League title with Chelsea.

And during the summer he joined Italian Lega Serie A champions Juventus in order to be closer to home.

Now his player Alex Sandro believes the team has acquired Sarri’s mentality after one month together.

“I can’t wait to start the season,” he was quoted by Football Italia.

“Sarri’s different to Allegri, but we already have his mentality.”

Sandro explained: “We know what to do. We must improve, but we’re on the right track.”

“He asks us to be commanding and has more of the ball, but winning is also important and that’s always been our mentality.”

“The squad is in a good way technically and physically,” he commented.

“We must improve, but we’re there.”

“Inter and Napoli want to win the Scudetto too, they want to beat us and it gets harder for us to retain our title every season,” Sandro concluded.