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Santi Cazorla talks about Sergio Ramos wedding

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Santi Cazorla gave a tell all interview recently where he spoke about how crazy things had gotten for everyone who was invited to Ramos’ wedding.

Santi Cazorla is clearly enjoying some of the best days of his playing career at the moment. After coming very close to retiring from the game and losing a leg, the Spain international is a new man and is enjoying life at the fullest.

According to Daily Mail, Santi Cazorla was one of the invited guests at Spain star, Sergio Ramos’ wedding. While it was supposed to be a glamorous affair, Cazorla gave insight on what exactly transpired during the wedding celebrations.

Cazorla revealed that his former teammate in Spain, Pepe Reina was so out of his senses that he ended up tearing his shirt.

‘I only drank rum, one after another,’ Cazorla said. ‘I was loyal and only drank rum. I didn’t mix drinks because know it can catch up to me.

‘After rum I went on to churros with chocolate. The churros were amazing.’

Having covered the food and drink, Cazorla and Motos then moved on to ranking the best dancers at the party.

‘Pablo (Motos) was the best and I was second-best,’ Cazorla said with a smile. 

‘I was really good, I ended up with a sore ankle, but it was worth it. Joaquin was good too, but he left very early.

‘Pepe Reina stayed with me and ended up tearing his shirt and I told him; “Pepe, it’s time to leave.”

‘I went on the bumper cars, which I hadn’t done since I was 15 and I didn’t fall off in an hour-and a-half.’ 

However, Ramos had banned phones from the event which was why everyone had a great time according to Cazorla.

‘This day had it all, there were no cameras, no phones, nothing,’ Cazorla said.

‘What a great idea it was to take our phones off us,’ Motos said. ‘We went back to being people.

‘Only Florentino (Perez) had his phone,’ said Cazorla. ‘He was watching the ACB basketball final.’