Santiago Solari keeps following Zinedine Zidane’s footsteps

After this Saturday’s victory against Atletico Madrid, it is now clear that Santiago Solari keeps following Zinedine Zidane’s footsteps at Real Madrid.

We had to wait and see how this Real Madrid squad managed by Santiago Solari would respond to a match as difficult as the Madrid Derby, the match against Atletico Madrid that everybody was expecting because people felt that this could be a bloodbath against Los Blancos.

But the trends have been changing in the last couple of months for the white giant, they may have started the season on the wrong foot but now they have officially recovered and in record time thanks to Santiago Solari’s contribution to the squad.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning, Solari had a whole media juggernaut to face as the latest inexperienced manager to come out of the club’s academy but he really wanted a crack at it to see if he was up for the challenge.

And boy was he ready, Solari has been able to convince the players that they are completely capable of not only winning trophies this season, but also recover from a domestic competition that everybody believed lost against FC Barcelona.

Los Blancos had a 10-point gap to recover from the Blaugrana, but things can take a drastic turn on Sunday.

FC Barcelona is not going through the best of times at the moment, they have half of Lionel Messi because he is injured and they are traveling to Bilbao for a very difficult match against Athletic.

Losing this game would mean that Santiago Solari has reduced that 10-point gap from 10 to 5 within the span of only a couple of months.

The Argentine manager is even more frightening to all the other squads than Zinedine Zidane, as he does have a clear idea of the type of football that he wants his squad to play and he doesn’t need the help of Cristiano Ronaldo to achieve it.

The man said it himself, this victory against Atletico Madrid was the product of teamwork and nothing more.

All the Real Madrid players are completely convinced of this idea, they just needed to get a little extra push that could take them one step further and get back to their best form.

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Now that winning La Liga doesn’t seem like a complete waste of time for Real Madrid, Santiago Solari made his particular battle cry after this Saturday’s match and called all his players to step up for the challenge of winning all the trophies they can.

This is where the similarities with Zinedine Zidane start to appear, as both managers actually shared a dressing room during their time as players and the two of them completely understand what being a player for this club is all about.

Solari also came through the academy ranks as a manager, he also coached Real Madrid Castilla and they both had similar results.

The Argentine manager is the latest example of that trend we have been mentioning lately, of former players who were successful with the club and completely get the philosophy.

These men are the ones who are more qualified to take their beloved clubs forward, this will give us a future in football that we have never seen before.

Just think about two clubs that are doing extremely well in their respective leagues, playing against each other in the Champions League and both are being managed by former successful legends of each institution.

The thought of this alone boggles the mind, it could be something truly spectacular. Solari has awakened the white giant, the last months of the season look very promising for Real Madrid.

What do you think was the most decisive factor that has helped Santiago Solari recover the Real Madrid players? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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