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Sarri believes he deserves to stay at Chelsea after the title

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After a magical night at Baku on Wednesday evening, Maurizio Sarri still sent the Chelsea board a message that he would like to remain at the club.

We just wrote about how Chelsea is a club that doesn’t deserve Maurizio Sarri to be their manager, the Italian just completed a fantastic season for the Blues.

Reaching a League Cup final, finishing the Premier League in third place against all odds, and finally winning the first title of his career has to count for something.

Maurizio Sarri passed any test that Roman Abramovich placed for him with flying colors, but the man shouldn’t be begging to remain at the club next season.

The way he was treated by both the fans and the owner is simply unacceptable, any manager in his position would prefer to go back to Serie A and coach Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus.

The conditions for him to stay for one more season are completely adverse, it doesn’t seem like he will have a prolific year.

However, winning a title brings out many emotions that create a festive atmosphere.

Maurizio Sarri just won the first major title of his professional career after 28 years as a manager, we can say that he’s worked his ass off to get to this point in his life.

During the celebrations with his players, Sarri had his chance to lift the trophy with joy and he even smoked a cigarette after the whole moment.

“I need to talk to the club and make sure I know what I can do for Chelsea and what Chelsea can do for me,” said Sarri via BBC Sport after the match.

“I love the Premier League and I’m lucky I’m at Chelsea but at the end of each season you have to sit down and talk.”

“In my opinion, I deserve to stay at Chelsea but my opinion is not enough.”

“I have a contract [for another two years]. At the moment, we are talking about nothing.”

“I’m very, very happy but I think the trophy is very important for the club; it’s less important the name of the players, the name of the coach,” he added.

“The first half was difficult, match number 64 this season and hot – it was physically difficult to play. I thought we were trying to manage the result. I asked my players to play with more courage, even if they risked losing.”

“Our feeling was that we deserved to win because we were in trouble in January and February and we acted,” Sarri continued.

“In the Premier League, it is not easy to react because the level is very high. “Something changed at the beginning of February. We lost 6-0 at Manchester City but we started something different.”

“At the end, we got the Champions League [place] through the Premier League, we played the final in the League Cup, we qualified [for that final with wins en route] against Liverpool and Tottenham, the finalists of the Champions League, and lost on penalties to Manchester City.”

Sarri’s difficult season if he decides to stay.

Despite the offers that may come from Juventus and the poor treatment he’s been getting in England, Maurizio Sarri is a very smart man.

The coach knows where the crest of the wave is located at the moment, he is aware that England is where the best football in the world is being played right now.

Leaving the country right at this moment would be a mistake from him and that’s the only reason he is enduring so much disrespect against his work.

The man knows which mistakes he made during the start of the season, he was smart enough to correct many of them during this final part of all the competitions.

But the question remains about the upcoming year for him and Chelsea, one they will likely have to face without Eden Hazard and that transfer ban from UEFA.

Even though the Blues have a very competitive squad for next season, these players might not be enough for them to compete against the top clubs in the country.

Why do you think Maurizio Sarri wants to remain at Chelsea next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.