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Sarri doesn’t believe in “winning at all costs”

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The Italian manager believes the second place is still good, as the teams have to enjoy playing and give a good show to the fans.

Chelsea’s manager Maurizio Sarri lifted the UEFA Europa League trophy last Wednesday.

But according to the Blues boss, “winning at all costs” is not a good policy.

“It’s a sport, it doesn’t make sense. One can’t be unhappy with second place. ‘Sarrismo’ is just a style of play,” he told Football Italia.

“It comes from the slaps I’ve taken. Evolution is the child of defeats. not just in football. I can’t celebrate after a victory.”

“Whoever wins stays still in their convictions. A defeat makes a bigger mark on me, it makes me critical and moves me a step further,” he added.

“My nephew showed me the Facebook page ‘Sarrismo e Rivoluzione’. I’m not very social. I don’t even have WhatsApp.”

“There are medium-sized teams with great players or big teams with average players. That’s what I work with,” he said.

“The champion is the player who makes themselves available to the team, otherwise they’re just a good player.”

The manager explained: “Fun is contagious if it’s collective. If you’re having fun alone, you get bored after five minutes.”