Sarri doesn’t believe in “winning at all costs”

The Italian manager believes the second place is still good, as the teams have to enjoy playing and give a good show to the fans.

Chelsea’s manager Maurizio Sarri lifted the UEFA Europa League trophy last Wednesday.

But according to the Blues boss, “winning at all costs” is not a good policy.

“It’s a sport, it doesn’t make sense. One can’t be unhappy with second place. ‘Sarrismo’ is just a style of play,” he told Football Italia.

“It comes from the slaps I’ve taken. Evolution is the child of defeats. not just in football. I can’t celebrate after a victory.”

“Whoever wins stays still in their convictions. A defeat makes a bigger mark on me, it makes me critical and moves me a step further,” he added.

“My nephew showed me the Facebook page ‘Sarrismo e Rivoluzione’. I’m not very social. I don’t even have WhatsApp.”

David Luiz insists Arsenal can still finish in the Top 4

The difference between the first two places in the English Premier League and the rest of the competition is big, but for David Luiz, the Gunners can bridge that gap.

“There are medium-sized teams with great players or big teams with average players. That’s what I work with,” he said.

“The champion is the player who makes themselves available to the team, otherwise they’re just a good player.”

The manager explained: “Fun is contagious if it’s collective. If you’re having fun alone, you get bored after five minutes.”


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