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Sarri feels the Champions League is overrated

Cardiff City v Chelsea FC - Premier League
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Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri feels people attach a lot of importance to the Champions League ahead of their tricky tie against Burnley at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues loss to Liverpool at Anfield complicated their chase for a Champions League ticket, but recent results have allowed them to return to the mix.

Sarri’s men equally have another route in the Europa League having sealed a spot in the semi-final of the competition.

However, the Italian is not taking anything for granted considering his future is on the line if he fails to win a trophy or secure a Champions League ticket.

After Burnley, Chelsea travel to United next Sunday, then face Watford and home and Leicester away. Sarri told the Express: “We cannot choose a route.

“We have to try in the Premier League, we have to try in the Europa League. But we want to win the Europa League because it is a very important competition in itself, not just because of going to the Champions League.

“We have to try to get into the top four. It’s not easy because we only have four matches left.

“The last four five or five matches will be difficult for every team involved. We might see some very strange results in the last part of the season. But we are going to fight to the end.

“People give the Champions League too much importance. Of course, it is the most important competition for clubs, but now it is one with straight elimination. The ball goes in off a post or out and you qualify or are eliminated.

“You need to play very well, but you need to be lucky in that competition. It’s clear it’s the most important competition for clubs in the world – but it’s a competition where you need to be lucky.

“The Premier League is very difficult. To get to the final of the League Cup we had to play Liverpool, Tottenham, and then Manchester City in the final. It is easier to get to the final of the Champions League.