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Sarri – individuals won the game for Juventus

Ronaldo, Dybala, Juventus
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Maurizio Sarri acknowledges that the individual skill of Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo and Douglas Costa won the Genoa game for his Juventus side.

Three great pieces of individula skill are waht secured the three points for Juventus against Genoa. However, Maurizio Sarri had littel to say about the rest of his team.

While it is not uncommon for a piece of individual brilliance to be the deciding factor in a game rarely will you see three in one game all from the same team.

It is highly likely a manager will acknowledge a player’s moment of magic, but not too often that you hear him claim individualism the victor in the game.

Football is the ultimate team sport, there is no “I” in team is often spouted, and while that is right, there is, however, “me.”

After his Juventus sides, three-one victory over Genoa Maurizio Sarri held his hands up and had to admit they scored three great goals all down to the individuals.

In an interview reported by Goal, he said:

“In the second half we lead thanks to our single players because we scored on three excellent plays by three single men.”

“Paulo’s great slalom, the outstanding Ronaldo’s shoot, incredible for its precision and strength and the sensible touch from Douglas Costa.

“This is how we solved the match, thanks to our individualities and phenomenal skills. We created the team’s assumptions.” 

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What do you think a team of individuals or a group of individuals bound by the magic of football?

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