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Sarri – the criticism of Juve drives him crazy

Maurizio Sarri
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Maurizio Sarri is driven crazy by the continuous criticism he faces for Juventus’s style of play.

Sarri has faced staunch criticism for his Sarri ball style of play.

While it worked for three years at Napoli and they were happy with finishing second in Serie A, it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

His move to Chelsea, although successful, his style fo play was not what Roman Abramovich was looking for.

Despite a third-place finish, and a Europa League title, he left Stamford Bridge after just one year.

He is now at Juventus, and Sarri is being faced with a totally different beast.

Now is he not only expected to win but do so in style, as well as satisfy his squad of superstars and their preferred positions and styles of play.

He has been mocked for the style of play he has adopted.

Sarri feels he is still unfairly judged and condemned for his methods.

In an interview reported by Goal, Sarri has had his fill of unfair condemnation, and his analogy demonstrates his frustration.

He said:

“I was defined as a Taliban because I always wanted to play my football.”

“Now it’s not good enough because I adapt to the different characteristics of my players.”

“If I had to listen to or read the things that are said about Juventus, I would go crazy.”

It’s not surprising he is at his wit’s end, his side still remains undefeated in all competitions.

They are top of Serie A and top of Champions League Qualifying Group D.