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Saunders believes Rooney can still play in the EPL

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According to former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders, Wayne Rooney is still in good physical condition to play in England.

There have been some rumors that English icon Wayne Rooney might be ready to retire and become a coach.

But for former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders, the player can still be a good English Premier League footballer.

“I think the whole thing is a mystery [that he left England in the first place],” Saunders told talkSPORT.

“When he left Everton he was top of assists, he and Sigurdsson were level, he was top goalscorer and had the most key passes, and they let him go.”

“He was still only 31 at the time, he scored 250 goals for Manchester United and he’s England’s highest scorer,” he added.

“He’s still 33, he’s not 35.”

“30 now is not the 30 that we knew, with the nutrition and everything,” he said.

“I know he hasn’t lived his life perfectly, but who has? And he started young at 16, so an argument could be that he’s played all that time and he’s burned out.”

“But he could definitely still play in the Premier League and a club should have gone for him,” he continued.

“Have you seen the goals he’s scored in America? He must be thinking to himself, ‘this is not a challenge for me’.”

Saunders explained: “I was even thinking, it crossed my mind, if he’s fit and he’s hungry, you know who needs that type of player? Liverpool.”

“They could do with someone who can play in midfield and turn defense into attack, hit defense-splitting passes and score goals.”