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Scaloni fears Messi’s shadow will affect young players 

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Ahead of the upcoming Copa America in Brazil, manager Lionel Scaloni is afraid of how Lionel Messi’s presence can affect young players.

Now that the nightmare of this final stretch of the season is over for Lionel Messi, the Argentine player has to deal with manager Lionel Scaloni.

The coach is actually working hard to get the best possible squad for the upcoming Copa America, which is the next target on Messi’s mind.

However, getting a good result will prove quite complicated for the whole squad.

The old generation left but the new one that’s coming is still trying to get Messi in there somehow, but Scaloni doesn’t think it’s such a great idea.

The Argentine manager confessed that many of the players who are new in the national team could have a hard time adapting to the star.

People like Giovanni Simeone, Lautaro Martinez, and even Paulo Dybala have proven they are not on the level that Messi has produced throughout his whole career.

All the complaints about the Barcelona star not living up to the expectations of people are more related to the teammates that usually surround him. Leo himself declared recently that the new generation arrived too quickly.

However, this is not going to stop Leo from trying to win a trophy for Argentina before he hangs up his boots.

Scaloni has doubts about Messi’s role in his new squad.

During the time that Leo Messi was on hiatus after the 2018 World Cup, manager Lionel Scaloni was actually doing a good job putting together the new generation.

While the Barcelona star cleared his head after the World Cup, the gaffer got some very good results in friendly matches over that period of time.

The problem came right after Messi returned to the national team, they lost their match against Venezuela on his return.

This poor result opened Lionel Scaloni’s eyes, it made him realize that perhaps adapting the young players to Messi will be more difficult than anybody expected.

The truth is that very few managers can actually come up with a system that includes Messi and actually works.

Lionel Scaloni already knows how much this player can give to the national team but he fears the other players won’t live to the expectations.

The manager made a general plea to the press of not demanding so much from Messi and start demanding more from the rest of the players.

However, we believe it’s already too late to put together a proper squad with Messi that can bring Argentina to success before the player retires.

There is no doubt that Argentina without Lionel Messi wouldn’t be able to compete in any tournament, but they have to start looking at their options without him.

Saloni didn’t really receive a question about Messi during his interview with TNT Sports, they just requested him to give his assessment about the player on the role he has with the Argentina National Team.

“Talking about Messi has become a bit relative because we constantly ask him for results,” said Scaloni during the interview.

“I believe that out of over 100 matches he’s played with the national team, he very rarely didn’t deliver good results.”

“I believe that we should demand more from the other players instead of him, ask the rest of the players to be as good as they are in their clubs.”

“It seems easy but I think that his shadow inside the pitch can become a bit of a shock for many of these young players.”

“We spoke to the players after the match against Venezuela and that’s probably what I liked the most out of that trip.”

“We all agreed that each player should try to be the same players with their club and Argentina, Messi can come and add his contribution after that. It seems very simple but it’s actually very difficult to achieve.”

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