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Scaloni is hoping for Lionel Messi to do what he does best

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Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni, is confident that the national team can play as a team so Lionel Messi can only worry about doing his job.

The Copa America that’s coming for Scaloni’s Argentina will be extremely difficult to win, but they have a small shot to lift the trophy with Messi on their side.

The current manager has been doing everything he can to put together the best possible squad that can perform great without Lionel Messi on the pitch.

This strategy was accepted by the player himself, he agreed that the national team needed to find the best possible squad ahead of this competition.

Adding Messi to the team is a bonus for them, but only if they learn how to not depend exclusively on what Messi can do.

Before the new generation of players came in such an abrupt manner, the Barcelona star at least had an idea of how the system worked but things will be very different now.

In fact, Lionel Scaloni himself seems to think this is a complete wild card due to the lack of experience this squad has playing together.

The only reason that Argentina might have a shot at the title apart from Messi doing his thing, is that many South American squads are currently not going through their best moment.

Many of the national teams have different situations that don’t particularly place them as the favorites to win the competition.

Let’s take Brazil first, the ‘Canarinha’ is currently suffering due to their lack of Neymar. The PSG star recently injured himself one more time and will miss the entire competition.

Colombia has both James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao coming in a low moment of their careers.

Chile has a worn out squad filled with veterans that can’t really be considered a title contender.

Uruguay has Luis Suarez coming back from a knee surgery and Edinson Cavani well into his veteran years.

Argentina actually has a small chance to defeat all of these squads if for some reason they manage to perform well enough for Messi to feel comfortable on the pitch.

“If we have a good performance as a team and, in addition, Messi does what he does every Sunday, surely we will do well,” said Scaloni via Goal.

“We know that we have pure dynamite above, high goal players, so if we are solid, we will have many possibilities, these players were born to win, to compete at these levels, to make them understand what it means to play with this shirt is the easiest, they are used to all this.”

“We know we have pure dynamite up there,” he said. “So, if we are solid, we will have many possibilities.”

“We watched the last two games of Nicaragua, it’s a difficult team, it’s an important match for us,” concluded Scaloni about this Friday’s friendly match against Nicaragua.

Messi’s only chance to win the Ballon d’Or.

There is no other way to go around this, Lionel Messi’s only chance to win the Ballon d’Or this year is if he gets to win the Copa America with Argentina.

The FC Barcelona player already secured the Golden Shoe with the 36 La Liga goals he scored.

However, his Champions League season for the Catalan club was completely eclipsed by Virgil van Dijk’s performances with Liverpool.

The Dutch defender just reached the UEFA Nations League final last Thursday, he will be the Ballon d’Or’s top contender if his squad defeats Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in the final.

This means that Lionel Messi has to win his competition with Argentina if he doesn’t want to see hoe Virgil gets the award.

We are certain that Messi doesn’t really care about winning any more Ballon d’Or trophies, all he cares is about winning some silverware with his country.

Sadly for Messi, winning these types of tournaments are not only up to what he can do on the pitch.

There are a lot of different aspects that need to come together in order to find the ideal balance that can help him get what he’s been looking for through all these years.

How possible is it for Lionel Messi’s Argentina to win the Copa America this summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.