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Scaloni still thinks Argentina was robbed by Conmebol

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After Argentina’s elimination from Copa America, manager Lionel Scaloni spoke to the press to express how he feels they were robbed by Conmebol.

The Argentina National Team and AFA have joined together to express their disgust for the way in which they felt robbed by Conmebol, Lionel Scaloni confirmed it today.

The ‘Albiceleste’ manager spoke to the press ahead of Argentina’s third-place match against the Chile National Team that will take place on Saturday.

Saloni spoke about several topics during the exchange but he was very clear about the way all the players and he felt.

After looking at the two penalties that weren’t called during the match against Brazil, not even we understand why the referee didn’t want to use VAR.

It was clear that both moments during the match deserved at least a few seconds to review from the video room.

There have been several theories running around, there are even versions of the Brazil president intercepting communications with the referee and asking him to ignore VAR.

This information has been confirmed by Globo Esporte, and AFA complained about it directly against Conmebol for what happened.

There is a scandal brewing in South America right after this, several media outlets are already talking about corruption and match-fixing from the highest place inside of FIFA’s structure.

With all the scandalous claims currently going on, manager Lionel Scaloni spoke about the issue and he also confirmed his future in the Argentina National Team.

“We feel hurt by the whole VAR issue. As time goes by, we realize that they robbed us even more,” said Scaloni via Diario Ole.

“We have no doubts about this. We are hurt, we believe we had the final in our hands because we did everything to win inside the pitch.”

“Now that things have cooled down a little bit, you analyze the small VAR details and you realize what really happened.”

“Very few squads start well and end well their tournaments. In our case, we started off on the wrong foot but we ended in a much more positive note.”

“I spoke to Tapia about my future. We will stay here until December 30 when my contract expires. We didn’t discuss anything beyond that.”

“I will be leading this project during the next six matches. Leading the National Team was a very difficult challenge for us, but I think we did an acceptable job.”

“I want to remind everyone that the job we did was to get exactly what we got: we wanted these players to compete the way they did.”

“This already is a triumph in our eyes. We have taken the first step. I don’t feel like I’m on a trial anymore. My trial has passed.”

“Making these players do their best was my test. Starting from now, I’m a very different manager but I still have a lot to learn. I will be forever grateful to AFA for this opportunity.”

Which match are ahead for Argentina?

The upcoming match for the Argentina National Team will obviously be on Saturday, they will have a chance for a little payback against Chile.

We can’t forget that the Chilean squad was the one that prevented Argentina from winning two Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016.

Lionel Messi is eager to play this game from the very start, all the players are happy to defeat this squad in order to get that third position.

In a different scenario, manager Lionel Scaloni wouldn’t think of using the captain for a game like this.

However, the positive feedback that Argentina is getting from the press is a good enough reason to feel hopeful for the future.

Closing their Copa America participation in third place with a project that wasn’t even expected to get this far is very motivating for them.

With Lautaro Martinez not playing the match due to a suspension, Paulo Dybala will get his chance to play alongside Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero during this match.

Check local listings for the match that will take place on Saturday just a day before the final between Brazil and Peru.

Argentina may feel robbed by VAR, but that doesn’t mean they won’t keep fighting for a victory against Chile.

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