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Scaloni talks about building a team arround Messi

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The Argentina national team manager believes is not a problem to give the superstar the ball, but other players have to move as well.

Argentina national team boss Lionel Scaloni is not shy when it comes to saying he’s building a squad around superstar Lionel Messi.

And as they prepare for the 2019 Copa America in Brazil, Scaloni explains how to build a team around a player.

“It’s not a problem that they give the ball to him,” he was quoted by Barca Blaugranes.

“The issue is that if they give it to him, other players have to move as well.”

He explained: “It’s normal that they give him the ball, they always give it to him in the national team and for Barcelona.”

“What does not help is if four or five are positioned too close to Leo.”

“The challenge is for the players to spread across the pitch,” he said.

“This is what I’m aiming for. If we give it to him, another must move, or whoever gave it to him has to move and find space.”

“You can’t stay there to play. Leo needs people going further up the pitch,” he commented.

“It was the first time they played with him and they scored against us almost immediately.”

“I felt that they thought that Leo would resolve everything alone. But with our substitutions, things changed, they passed and moved,” Scaloni added.

“Everything will develop like this, in an organic manner.”

“On a day to day basis, in the dressing room, you have to approach Leo and start to treat him like a normal person,” he concluded.